We, the children, grandchildren and even the great-grandchildren of Holocaust survivors are now the custodians of their memories, images, words. The statistics always said that the day would come but magical thinking could not let us (their children) imagine that those heroes and fortunate ones who lost everything and re-built their lives after the war, […]

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My Father’s Tfillim

Tfillim bag containing tfillim belonging to my father, Szaje Rosenberg, OBM. He took them with him when he and his family fled their hometown, Ulanow, Poland to the Soviet Union in 1939. He used them on a daily basis. They were a bar mitzvah gift from his maternal grandfather. Rafael Graff. The velvet tfillim bag […]

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There is so much that I don’t know and now that so many, nearly all of my aunts and uncles are gone, I will never know. For example, we don’t have a list of their tattoo numbers. No one thought of making a list. They never exhibited their tattoos (once inky black, later fading and […]

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Tablecloth handmade by my grandmother, Esther Mallek Husz, born in Moiseu (Yiddish: Misieve), Romania. She moved to Ruscova, Romania to marry Samuel Husz and raise her children. She and Samuel were murdered in Auschwtiz, Poland on1944. After the war, my mother and her sisters returned to Ruscova and found the tablecloth in their former home, […]

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We were sitting at a picnic bench in upstate New York, near Lake George. It was summer. We were on our way to Canada, my parents and my sister and I, from our home in Brooklyn, NY. My father drove his powerful new Oldsmobile. a Rocket 88. two tone “Champagne gold” and ivory top. Its¬†quilted […]

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POWER BALL BLUES Woke up this morning with hope on my mind. Got me some coffee, was feeling fine. And then I remembered what happened last night We were at the concert and everything was all right. ‘Till she came in and stood under the spotlight, CHORUS: Power Ball Blues It ain’t always the news […]